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Cycling in the South Bay a Little Safer

The weekly New Pier Ride (Tue/Thu) rolls early in the AM from Man­hat­tan Beach around Westch­ester Park­way. It’s a very fast-paced train­ing ride with an “end of ride” sprint. It’s not for new rid­ers or rid­ers new to groups and advanced group techniques.

Appar­ently, they’ve been hav­ing reg­u­lar run-ins with a dri­ver. The dri­ver passes them by at a very high rate of speed (on a 45mph zone, no less!) while leav­ing only a small amount of room. Recently, one of the rid­ers had his video cam­era on while said dri­ver pulled his deed. They cap­tured an image of the car as it passed by, closely, and extremely quickly.

Well, some­body on the ride knew some­body placed high-up. The ball started rolling, and, well, let’s let Seth tell the tale…

One for the good guys | Cycling in the South Bay.

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